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1. Meet & Discuss

What are your design needs? Let's talk about your brand and focus your vision.

Sean's Creative Process
2. Assess & Discover

Brainstorming, establishing goals, messaging, and analyzing the competition. Determine KPI's.

3. Sketch & Design
Design begins. They are reviewed, and iterated on, sharpened to their maximum potential, then approved.
4. Build
Digital designs go to dev, or print designs go to the printer to build the final product.
5. Review & Finalize
QA and approve all designs and assets. Dot "i's" and cross "t's," design-wise.
6. Launch
The finished designs go out to live in the wild, to be measured by determined KPI's.

Sean believes in the power of great design. It's the backbone of successful brands, products, and companies and one of the first impressions that's made to a person. Throughout his career, he's led design teams on editorial, marketing, and branding projects with the goal of great design that reflects equally great products.

With decades of design leadership experience at top news media outlets, he has been the Design Director at iconic brands such as,, and, and the Design Manager at Sean leads his teams by building trust, maintaining a high level of design, and keeping a clear line of communication.

He is currently the Creative Director at TMV, a venture capital firm, where he design decks, social media posts, branding, and marketing for the company, as well as for some of the startups they invest in.

Sean is also an Adjunct Instructor at The College of New jJersey, where he not only teaches the craft of design, but also shares the many life lessons he's learned over the years in the graphic design field. He's a big advocate for mentoring creatives and helping them reach their potential.



Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Advertising Design

  • Illustration


  • Guitars

  • Ukuleles

  • Pickleball


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